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Dog Rose

Scientific botanical


This drawing was part of the Margaret Flockten Award 2020 exhibition. The illustration includes cross-sections of the plant,
close-ups as well as the changes through the seasons.

a) Hips  
a.1: Cross-section of the
Hypanthum 200%
a.2: Cross-section of the hip 200%  
a.3: Achene 400%

b) Flower  
b.1: Cross-section of the flower

c) Leafs  
c.1: Leaf pinnation 200%   
c.2: Leaves and stem together

d) Stem  
d.1: Stem with prickles
d.2: Cross-section of stem

e) Dried hip  
e.1: Cross-section of dried hip

Artwork: 280 x 360 mm
Medium: Graphite
Paper: Fabriano