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Jane Zimmermann

ecological science and fiction art


Hi, I am an artists and illustrator based in Tromsø, Norway. My life and work have taken me all around the world, allowing me to experience many different cultures, beautiful people, and astonishing sights, and all of these have inspired my art a lot.

In working on my botanical, entomological, avian, and ecological art, I love both the affective and scientific exploration of nature and the wonderful small and large worlds within it. Because this ignites my imagination in so many ways, I also love bringing an element of fiction into my artworks whenever inspiration leads me there.

I love how working in great detail draws me into the subject more and more, so that the process of painting also becomes an immersive experience of learning and interaction. I usually work with watercolour and graphite, but I also like to explore ink techniques, eco-plant-printing and other creative processes. Increasingly, I make my own pigments from all sorts of plants and stones, to further connect me and my paintings with nature and give each painting a unique flavour.

I hope you like my ecological science and fiction world and will find something in it that sparks your own imagination as well. If you would like to work with me or have any other questions, please get in touch via jane(ad) or DM on Instagram.

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I am passionate about highlighting the small,
often neglected worlds around us, bringing awareness to animals
and plants that are facing extinction, and drawing out the
intimate relationships that weave our planetary ecosystem together.

More About me

Ever since I can remember I have had pens and brushes in my hand and was doodling something, imagining new worlds and characters in all shapes and sizes. Until today, my personal and professional life have felt like a continuous unfolding of the inevitable, a weaving together of my natural passion for drawing with my curiosity and wonderment for the world. I feel deeply grateful for all the things I have learned and experienced on this journey so far and often find it hard to believe that the next exciting adventure is somehow always right around the corner.

After training in visual communications and marketing in Germany, I initially worked in large international advertisement and digital agencies for several years before starting my own boutique design agency with one of my closest friends and colleagues. Over our 10 years in Germany, we’ve had the pleasure of developing brand identities, websites, logos, icons, animations, marketing material, online games, and more for an incredibly diverse array of clients including the RBS Royal Bank of Scotland, Miele, AT&T, Sportswear International Magazine, Deutsche Bank, Union Investment, several German municipalities, and dozens of smaller clients from all around the world. 

In the beginning of 2009, we decided to take a big leap of fate and move our business to the glistering city of Hong Kong, setting up shop in its beating heart with a bit of a twist by adding the city’s first-ever gallery for low-brow and graffiti art to our business. After featuring some of my artworks in the opening vernissage, I continued as the gallery’s director and curated exhibitions with artists from Australia, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Italy, and Japan. At the same time, we continued to expand our design work with local and international clients like the Hong Kong Government, Miele Hong Kong, the German-Swiss International School and many more. 

Three years later, I followed up that leap of fate with a leap of love and moved to New Zealand to be with my boyfriend, who is now also my husband and partner in life and crime. Some part of my heart still lives in this beautiful country at the end of the world, with its incredible rain forests, endless shoreline, and astonishing flora and fauna. After freelancing for international giants like FCB and smaller boutique design agencies in Auckland, I found myself expanded my skills in an agency specializing in spatial and museum design, storytelling, and visitor experience. But the real difference that New Zealand made was to explode my passion for children’s illustration on the one hand, and both realistic and fictional botanical, entomological, avian, and ecological art on the other, and I have been pouring loads of time and heart into these ever since.  

With jumping across continents and oceans now nearly a habit, my husband and I moved to Norway in 2019 and are loving our life between the ocean, mountains, and fjords up here in the Arctic circle. Here, I work as an independent designer, illustrator, and artist, to combine the entire breadth and wealth of my experience into children’s books and illustrations, brand, packaging, and spatial design, ecological science and fiction art, as well as illustration-based design and storytelling.

If you read my story and look at all the diverse work I’ve done, you might feel like it is hard to pin me down, and that’s ok. I don’t like to feel constrained, and I don’t want anyone else to feel like that either. The truth is that I’ve found nothing but strength in the wealth of skills and experiences I have gained over the years and the range and flexibility that I have developed as a result. If you want to work with me, you can rest assured that I will not make it about me, but use all of my skills and experience to understand what it is that you would like to see, feel and express. And we will have fun in the process of making this a reality together, which is easily as important as the result itself, because adventures are not defined by the places they take us to, but the journey that gets us there and the people we travel with. 

  • Annual Artist for Conservation Exhibition 2022 Canada
  • Annual Artist for Conservation Exhibition 2021 Canada
  • For the Love of Botanicals 2021 New Zealand
  • Annual Artist for Conservation Exhibition 2020 Canada
  • Big Show of Little Botanical Works 2020 New Zealand
  • Botanical Exhibtion SpaceStudioGallery 2020 New Zealand
  • Margaret Flockton Award Exhibition 2020 Australia
  • Solo Exhibition Mairangi Arts Center 2019 New Zealand
  • World Wide Botanical Illustration Exhibition 2018 New Zealand

And others in earlier years in Hong Kong, Beijing and Germany 



    • Bodhi`s Button, by Chad Williams
    • Hedgie`s Bitcoin Story, by Jeff McLean
    • Little Creatures form the sea, by AKMA Project
    • Foraminitales from the Ocean Series, by AKMA Project
    • Little Phantom, by Jil Atkins Ransom Publishing
    • The Lady with the Lamp, by Stephen Rickard Ransom Publishing
    • Bill Fell, by Stephen Rickard Ransom Publishing
    • Brownie the Bear, by Filp Maric
    • The Gigantic Turnip, by Stephen Rickard Ransom Publishing
    • Looking for Pets, by Stephen Rickard Ransom Publishing
    • A Wish for a Fish, by Jil Atkins Ransom Publishing
    • Rin to the Sun, by Stephen Rickard Ransom Publishing
    • The Adventures of Cuppy the Crab, by David Fountain


    Artist in residence

    April 2023 EGU General Assembly 2023

    May 2022 RV Kronprins Haakon
    (Norwegian icebreaking polar research vessel)


    Red Award
    Sushi Ninja Mascots  2018 New Zealand

    Best Design Award Finalist
    Tourism Holdings Annual Report 2015 New Zealand

    Best Design Award Finalist
    Auckland Kindergarten Branding 2014 New Zealand


    Artic Auditories Hydrospheres in the High North


    Ransom Publishing, UK

    Pesko Sport AG, Switzerland

    Auckland Kindergarten Association, New Zealand

    KINZ Daycare, New Zealand

    Environmental Physiotherapy

    Meyer Burger Solarpanels, Germany

    Australian Museum, Sydney

    Museum of Transport and Technology, Auckland,
    New Zealand

    Chelsea Sugar Factory, Auckland, New Zealand

    ZGF Center for Societal Progress, Frankfurt, Germany

    RBS Royal Bank of Scotland, Germany

    Deutsche Bank, Germany

    Miele, Hong Kong & Germany

    Union Investment, Germany

    AT&T, Dallas TX, USA

    Hong Kong Government

    Speights Brewery, Dunedin, New Zealand

    Carl’s Jr, New Zealand

    SeaLink Ferries, New Zealand 

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